10+ Great Things We Hope You Didn’t Miss in 2016

RPR’s goal is and always will be to provide REALTORS® with products and features that keep them in the center of the real estate transaction. RPR Color LogoTo date, more than 262,000 REALTORS® have downloaded the RPR app and over 633,000 have created RPR accounts. In response, throughout 2016, RPR created and enhanced a majority of the platform’s offerings, including integrations with key technology vendors, toolset upgrades, and new learning resources.

Integrations that make your job more efficient 

RPR & zipForm®: https://vimeo.com/171833494

RPR’s integration with zipForm offers yet another time-saving benefit for REALTORS® rattled by the need to jump from one platform to another when creating sales forms. Now, REALTORS® who use zipForm® can go directly to RPR’s Property Details page from zipForm®, and vice versa, via one simple click. This integration allows select public records data fields from RPR to flow directly into many of the forms you might use in zipForm®.The integration also allows Realtors® to create new zipForm transactions using public records information from RPR.

RPR & SentriLock®: http://blog.narrpr.com/mobile/
The new RPR/SentriLock integration allows REALTORS® accessing SentriLock from their smartphone or tablet to have one-click access to property details within the RPR app. All that is required is for the REALTOR® to have both apps on their smartphone or tablet. When accessing the property detail link from SentriSmart for the first time, If you don’t already have the RPR app, a prompt will appear the first time you access the property detail link from SentriSmart™.

RPR & ClientLook®: http://blog.narrpr.com/commercial/clientlook-rpr-commercial/
ClientLook, a commercial real estate CRM, delivers one-click access to demographics, psychographics, consumer spending data, market activity, and economic statistics. Learn how RPR is opening doors for ClientLook subscribers.

Features & tools that expand your capabilities 

Searchable & Viewable Residential Leases: http://blog.narrpr.com/product/see-whats-new-rpr-october-2016/
RPR now displays nationwide residential properties for lease, as well as off-market lease properties, with more lease data coming online as MLSs leverage this new feature. Data fields include lease price, amenities available, costs covered by tenant or landlord, and if the property is pet-friendly. Data will also display in RPR reports.

New Commercial Mobile Mode: https://vimeo.com/180350817
Practitioners across the nation will be pleased to learn that RPR Mobile™ now includes Commercial data and reporting. The full extent of the app’s expansion into commercial territory will greatly enhance a REALTOR’S® ability to conduct on-location property searches, analyze a multitude of relevant data sets; and instantly create client-friendly, decision-prompting reports. When first signing in, select Commercial or Residential mode.

New Investment Analysis Tool: http://blog.narrpr.com/commercial/investment-analysis-valuate/
RPR’s new investment analysis tool, Valuate® allows users to run on-the-spot scenarios, instantly present and share results, and create customized reports for both Commercial and Residential properties. Access Valuate from the existing Property Analysis for Investors link on the Property Details page.

New On-demand Learning Center

eBooks: http://blog.narrpr.com/ebooks/
Each of these eBooks takes the reader through step by step instructions on industry-centric topics, such as how to get started with RPR, working with buyers, successful listing presentations, geographic farming, and open houses.

On-demand Video Learning: http://blog.narrpr.com/learning/
Each of these lessons includes a series of short videos that can be watched in sequence, such as the Getting Started With RPR series, or as a stand-alone video for instructions on how to complete a particular task, such as “How to search properties with RPR.”

Online Workshops: http://blog.narrpr.com/workshops/
During 2016, RPR introduced several new online workshops, including a Spanish-speaking Getting Started with RPR workshop.

  • Tools and Tips for a Winning Listing Presentation With RPR
  • Secrets from the Pros: Tips for Growing Leads and Increasing ROI with RPR
  • Using RPR to Reach and Retain Clients at Your Next Open House
  • Using RPR to Ensure a Successful Buyer’s Tour
  • Making the Most of Your RPR Reports
  • Getting Started With RPR for Spanish Speakers

Specifically for Brokers

The improved RPR Market Data Tool is an invaluable asset for brokers, owners, and company managers who rely on market intelligence to drive organizational objectives. Now, brokers can access over 100 charts with metrics such as active listings, pending and closed sales, inventory, absorption, distressed listings, and sales.

Specifically for Association & MLSs

Blog Redesign: http://blog.narrpr.com/association/
RPR’s Industry Segments section for Associations and MLSs has been redesigned to support your member communications and outreach efforts.

  • Check out the Training section for workshops, live training, video workshops, and eBooks.
  • The Resource Center offers a full complement of grab-and-go how-to articles, industry use cases, explainer videos, social media content, handouts and more.
  • And don’t forget to check out the Resource Center’s Media Kit for ideas and illustrations on how RPR can help you achieve your member-based initiatives.

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