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5 Reasons to Invest in RPAC

5 Reasons to Invest in RPAC

Celebrating 50 Years of REALTOR® Advocacy

Since 1969, the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) has been working tirelessly to promote and support pro-REALTOR® policies across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is support candidates who understand your business and to promote pro-REALTOR® causes.

RPAC is funded through voluntary investments made by REALTORS® from across the country. Wither these funds, RPAC can help candidates who support the issues that are important to REALTORS® and we can advocate for the passage or defeat of legislative proposals impacting homeownership.

Here are five reasons you should consider investing in RPAC:

1. RPAC is Your Voice

Investing in RPAC ensures the real estate community’s views will be heard in local, state, and policy debates which impact your business. 

2. RPAC Protects Your Bottom Line

Investing in RPAC the best way you can protect your business and livelihood. Decisions are made every day about how you are regulated and how you are taxed. From federal elections to the thousands of bills introduced in each session of Maryland General Assembly to local ordinances, RPAC is there defending the future of your business from unnecessary regulation. 

3. RPAC Protects Your Clients 

Not only does RPAC care about the direct impacts on your business, we also care about homeowners, home buyers and home sellers. RPAC is involved in issues which impact property rights and quality of life for area residents, so that all may experience the American dream of homeownership.

4. RPAC Supports the REALTOR® Party

Candidates who receive support from RPAC are not selected based on their political party or ideology, but solely on their support of real estate issues. Our legislative allies are members of the REALTOR® Party. The REALTOR® Party supports the issues that are important to you as a REALTOR®, regardless of political party affiliation. 

5. RPAC is the Only PAC for REALTORS®

RPAC is the only political group in the country organized for REALTORS® and run by REALTORS®, existing solely to support issues important to REALTORS®.  No other political group or PAC has you and your business as their sole mission.

As we celebrate 50 years of REALTOR® advocacy through RPAC, we hope that you will make an investment to keep our industry strong for the next 50 years.

Click here to invest today!

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