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5 Reasons to Invest in RPAC

Since 1969, the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) has been working tirelessly to promote and support pro-REALTOR® policies across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is to raise money to contribute money to candidates who understand and support pro-REALTOR® causes.

The money collected to help promote RPAC is made up of voluntary investments made by REALTORS® from across the country. Because of the money that is collected, RPAC can help candidates who support the issues that are important to REALTORS®.

Here are five reasons you should consider investing in RPAC:

1. RPAC is the voice of the REALTOR®

Investing in RPAC means you are supporting a way for yourself and the real estate community to have their voices be heard in local, state, and federal issues that impact your business. 

2. RPAC provides protection for your profession, your business, and your every-day work

Investing in RPAC the best way you can protect your business and livelihood.  RPAC is the real estate industry’s insurance to promote and protect the real estate profession.

3. RPAC supports the Real Estate industry at large

Your RPAC investment goes towards identifying and assisting candidates who are passionate about real estate issues. From federal elections to the thousands of bills introduced in each session of Maryland General Assembly, RPAC is there defending the future of your business. 

4. RPAC protects property rights and homeownership

RPAC is the only grassroots force that exists to protect and promote the tradition of homeownership and real estate investment. It enables members to support candidates that protect private property rights, promote and defend homeownership, work for tax reforms, and reduce burdensome regulations on your business. 

5. RPAC is the only committee of its kind

RPAC is the only political action committee in the country that is organized by EALTORS® to promote and protect the dream of homeownership in America.  RPAC works continuously on behalf of REALTORS® so that you can practice real estate with the assurance that someone is fighting for you and the real estate industry.

Seven Tips for Networking

Seven Tips for Networking

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YPN Chooses Up and Out Foundation for 2017 Charity Recipient

Frederick County Association of REALTORS Young Professional Network announces their support of Up & Out Foundation.  Up & Out is a local foundation started by Korey Shorb,  originally to provide money to the Frederick County Drug Courts Program.  However, it is growing in scope and mission due to the ever increasing epidemic of drug use… Continue Reading

YPN First Happy Hour of 2017!

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Social Media: How Can I Use it for My Real Estate Business?

The Informed Professional Committee presented the class on August 18, 2016 – “Social Media: How Can I Use it For Business?” with Kelsey Freeman, Forefront Digital Media. Social Media for Real Estate Professionals Click through the slide presentation on the right, while watching the video on the left. You can find Kelsey Freeman: LinkedIn:  Kelsey Freeman… Continue Reading

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