Dealing with a Challenging Client

We’ve all had clients that are the definition of difficult to work with. Being able to handle a difficult and demanding client will ultimately help you be more successful in your business. But finding the right way to help them can be tricky because if you don’t take the right approach with a certain client, you might lose their business and at the very least, have a bad experience working with them.

But if you know how to handle these challenging clients, you can build on your business by being the ultimate example of grace under fire. Here are a few tips we found to help you deal with these different types of clients:

  • First time home buyers – This is probably a very overwhelming process for them and they might require a little bit of hand-holding to get them through this. The more organized the buyers are, the more likely it is they will have a good real estate experience.
  • Clients with big dreams but small budgets – Shooting for the stars is never a bad idea. If you have a client that has an extensive wish list but nowhere near the budget to get it, this is where you can step in and help them understand really what they can afford and expect to find.
  • Know it all clients – Thanks to reality TV, people have a tendency to think they know more than they actually do. One of the worst examples of this is in the real estate industry. You aren’t someone selling real estate because you’re bored, you are a REALTOR®. Helping people find their dream home is what you do.
  • Cheapskate clients – There is nothing wrong with saving money, but buyers that submit low-ball offers thinking they can get the property for less than the asking price often hurt their chances of winning the bid. This is a great opportunity to sit down with your client and discuss the offer and give recommendations based on your experience.
  • Needy clients – Some clients are a little higher maintenance than others, which can be challenging. Unless you work with only one client at a time, you have to split your time between all your clients. Some are going to require more attention than others. For these types of clients, give them a fair timeframe of when they can expect a call or email back.

No client is going to be perfect and many of them will be a combination of several of these traits. If you need help dealing with a demanding client, seek out your broker or a mentor to help you mitigate the situation. Buying real estate is a big deal, as you well know, and it’s understandable that your clients might be a little neurotic at times. Just take a deep breath and remember all your CE classes. You and your client will both have a better experience.

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