Save For Next Year’s Dues!

Save For Next Year’s Dues!

Great news! We have formed a partnership with REALTORS® Federal Credit Union (RFCU) to offer you a Dues Savings Account so you can begin to save for next year’s dues.

All you need to open your own Savings Account is $5. As a REALTOR® This convenient no-cost account will allow you to save funds throughout the year—earning interest on your investment—for your dues and anything else you need. Then when it’s time to pay your dues, you can simply make your full dues payment using your Credit Union debit card—it’s that easy!

RFCU’s Dues Savings Account is EASY to OPEN—Sign-up ONLINE anytime, by visiting

Although there is not a REALTORS® Federal Credit Union location in Frederick County, there are dozens of ATMs and allied credit unions available to assist you. Please click here to find the allied credit unions and ATMs nearest you.

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